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Travel and Tourism is not just about two weeks on a sandy beach, in the sunshine during the summer holidays. It is about much wider ranging issues. As tourists we are becoming more adventurous and travelling further – what are the impacts of this?


Buzz words in the industry at present are RESPONSIBLE TOURISM and SUSTAINABLE TOURISM. Managers within the industry must ensure that tourism does not have a negative impact on heritage sites, culture, wildlife, flora and fauna. If tourism increases around the world it must be managed properly.  In recent years we have seen enormous growth of the cruise industry, budget airlines and short break holidays. The current trends also show an increase in the demand for luxury holidays. Travel and holidays are an important part of our lives. Statistics show that 19.7 million Brits took a short break in 2009 with over 5 million taking more than three. A long weekend in New York or Dubai staying in a 5 star hotel is a popular option. So, more people are travelling more often.  Current issues in the industry raise questions – What impacts will the growth of internet booking have on the future of the high street travel agent?  How are UK resorts increasing their visitor numbers and becoming more popular with domestic tourists? Are the world’s airlines committed to reducing carbon emissions?


This interesting course has been designed to enable you to gain an understanding of key pathways in the travel and tourism industry. It provides you with the essential skills and knowledge of the industry and develops career opportunities as well as enabling entry to Further or Higher Education programmes. The department achieves 100% pass at A Level with some students attaining high grades. Many of our students have progressed to university to study tourism related degrees. Others have gained employment in the travel industry after completing their studies. A former student is Front of House Manager for a well known international hotel chain after completing a Travel & Tourism degree. Another student is employed in marketing for a tour operator.


The course consists of two units of study in the AS year, one

coursework unit and one external examination . In the A2 year there is one coursework unit and an external examination. Students attend six lessons each week and the teachers, Mrs Holland and Mr Lewry, both have travel and tourism industry backgrounds.


Students will have the opportunity to visit travel and tourism organisations, tourist destinations and tourist attractions to support assignments. These include:

  • London City Airport
  • World Travel Market
  • Travel Destinations Show
  • Windsor
  • Bath
  • Tourism Lectures at University of Surrey


There are opportunities to travel outside the UK and recent trips have included:

  • The Gambia
  • Dublin
  • Gibraltar


The department has excellent resources available to students. These include subscriptions to:

  • Tourism Concern – Quarterly magazine
  • Travel Trade Gazette - Weekly industry newspaper
  • Lonely Planet – Monthly magazine


Students have access to ‘T&T Publishing websites which support their studies with up to date information and case studies. There is also access available to ‘Travelmole’, a website offering daily information on what’s happening in the industry. Classroom resources include course text books, resort and city guides, tour operators’ brochures, specialist books on climate change, marketing, eco-tourism, impacts of tourism and a bank of relevant case studies.


As the travel and tourism industry moves into the 21st century there are many external pressures to face. Our students will be involved in classroom debates on GLOBAL WARMING and CLIMATE CHANGE and how the industry will work to ensure more fuel efficient types of transport. They will learn about the IMPACTS of TOURISM, both positive and negative, on host communities. They will understand the importance of TOURISM MANAGEMENT to ensure tourism is a benefit and how negative impacts can be reduced, so that we all have a great time on our holiday and the local people benefit too.


Travel and Tourism is the world’s largest growth industry

Study this interesting subject and be a part of it’s future


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