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Literacy Across the Curriculum*


Literacy across the Curriculum
The Tasks and Responsibilities of the Literacy Coordinator
Overall, the role of the Literacy Coordinator is to monitor and support pupils’ progress in a variety of literacy skills in all subject areas, in all year groups and with pupils at any point in the ability range. In practice this means focusing on specific projects at different times. These are chosen after liaison between various members of the teaching and support staff, and in response to pupils’ changing needs. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the work done in this area.
1. With subject departments (other than English)
● Observe lessons in a range of different subjects over the academic year, focussing on literacy needs and strategies for teaching and supporting literacy skills, alongside subject-specific learning. Give feedback on observations.
● Have discussions with subject teachers about strategies and resources.

An example from 2008-9

A joint project was run with the Maths Dept. in the Autumn Term, where the focus was on learning key words for Statistics in Year 7. The resource was developed jointly with Mr. Smith, and trialled in lessons. We then met to discuss the future application of the resource, and Mr. Smith shared the work we had done with the rest of the Maths Dept. in one of their meetings. The project was mentioned in an interview with the Head of Dept., Mr. Moulder, in an interview for the Ofsted inspection this year. The resource is being made available in the Admin. Shared Area / Maths / Year 7, for future use.


● Support Departments in putting in place policy, practice and resources for literacy teaching.
● Disseminate posters and other resources to support and promote literacy teaching (e.g. the school marking code poster, tips for starters and plenaries).
● Arrange or deliver training to staff on literacy issues, on an occasional basis
● Agree on a whole school literacy focus for the year with the line manager
2. With the English Department
● Liaise with the English Dept. about reading, writing and oracy needs at different key stages
3. With the School Librarian
● Liaise as to the amount and quality of private reading going on in the school
● Devise and / or assist with strategies to promote private reading, e.g. Book Club, posters, author visits, book boxes for Year 7 English lessons, book review competitions, assisting with dictionaries day for Year 7
4. Other
● Hold weekly Creative Writing Club sessions, during lunchbreaks
● Hold weekly Reading Group sessions jointly with the Library.


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