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Design Technology*

Design & Technology at St Saviour’s & St Olave’s is an increasingly popular and successful part of the curriculum for all key stages. We have 2 vibrant and engaging workshops which are extremely well resourced with the latest Technology including laser cutter, a milling machine and rapid prototype. We also have a bright an airy Food Technology room. Within the department we have 3 suites of laptops dedicated to supporting us in delivering an exciting and engaging range of projects which combine a mix of traditional hand skills with up to the minute CAD/CAM Technology. All of our computers are loaded with a wide selection of software which enable our students to develop a range of new skills and further develop existing ones. All of our rooms have interactive whiteboards.

Our aim is to instil an appreciation of design and the factors that influence it, whilst making our students more globally responsible through looking at materials, developments in Technology and sustainable energy.

Assessment for learning is key to ensuring progression for all students and informing our staff of the needs of the individual. In Design & Technology we regularly look for ways to fine tune our practices and make sure students are an active partner in this process. We strive to give detailed and effective feedback that recognises and rewards effort and success, but also allows students to identify areas for improvement; with suggestions of how to achieve this. Self and peer assessment play an important role in making students more aware of their levels, strengths and areas for development.

We are extremely proud of the achievements of our students and one way in which we celebrate this through the exciting and motivational displays around the department. Check out the virtual tour of one of our workshops which is also on the school website.

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